William De Yaxley
Toto Corde Meo
'With All Our Hearts'
William de Yaxley C of E Academy
Landsdowne Road, Yaxley, Peterborough, PE7 3JL
01733 240323


At William de Yaxley we encourage our pupils to show the pride they feel in their school.  Some chose to demonstate this pride by applying for the highly coveted postions we offer to our year 6 team.

We trust our pupils to uphold the rules that we have created to ensure the smooth running and harmonious atmosphere that allows us to grow and improve in.


Year 6 can apply for the position of ‘Buddy’.  This is a role which requires patience and a nurturing disposition.  Buddies are on hand to provide reassurance and friendship to the younger children in the school who, from time to time, may need it.  Buddies are friendly faces who are good listeners and really great friends.  Each year 3, 4 and year 5 class have two designated Buddies, who are easily recognised by their bright red baseball caps and friendly faces.

Buddy Application form, click here (Print and complete)

Examples of quotes from children's applications:

"We need to care for each other not think about ourselves."


"To help adults look after younger children."


"I would like the opportunity to be a role model to the other pupils at school."


"I will listen to other people's problems and help sort them out."