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Rewards and Recognition

Special Mentions 

At the end of a half term each class teacher selects a child to be receive the class special mentions award in the last celebration assembly of the half term.  A child could be selected for their positive attitude towards the curriculum, the progress they have made in a subject or across a range of subjects, displaying exemplary manners and being a good role model to others’.  The children selected do not know they are going to receive the award and parents are invited to the assembly.  Each child receives a certificate which has been written by their teacher and also a green star which the children wear on their uniform. 

Class Dojo

This term, we have introduced a behaviour reward system called Class Dojo. The children are able to accrue points for displaying specific behaviours that we are looking for. For example, children can be awarded points for learning behaviours such participating, listening attentively, displaying resilience or for completing homework punctually. In addition children may receive Dojos for social behaviours such cooperation or being courteous.  Each class teacher will decide which behaviours are appropriate for their class.

The children are then rewarded for their points both individually and as a whole class. These rewards are decided upon by the children and the teacher of each class so they may differ from class to class. For example, in one class, when a child earns 50 points they are allowed to sit on the teacher’s comfy chair for one lesson and when the whole class has collectively earnt 3000 points, they can have a class party. Weekly and termly, the child with the leading number of points will be announced to the class and displayed in the classroom. When children have hit the milestones of 100, 200 and 300 points, they will be awarded with a certificate in assembly. 

Class Dojo also allows us to build a classroom community where parents and carers are part of the community seeing what we are learning in school. Teachers will post announcements and updates on the Class Story and share photos and videos from classroom activities. Teachers will also be able to send and receive private messages to keep home and school up to date with information.  For example, if your child has completed a high quality piece of work, the teacher will be able to take a photo and send it home for you to enjoy. Or, if you have a quick message that you would like to share with the teacher, you can message using Class Dojo. Class Dojo will enable you, as parents and carers, to engage in the wonderful things that happen in our school. 


Reading is very important to all of us at William de Yaxley and as a result we see fit to reward our pupils who regularly read at home. Inside the reading record books pupils are provided are certificate templates and stickers based on the amount of nights they have read. Children receive a new certificate for every 25 nights read and recorded in their books and the number of total nights is displayed on the front of the certificate. 

The date the milestone was achieved will be written down, and signed by either the class teacher or teaching assistant. When a pupil has read for 100 or 200 nights at home the certificate is presented at our celebration assembly in front of the school.

Hot Chocolate Friday with the Head 

Each Friday one child from each class is nominated by the class teacher to come and have hot chocolate with Mr Doud or Mrs Corley.  The children can be chosen for a whole variety of reasons, work ethic, personal progress, good citizenship, being a role model ........ The children find out in Friday Collective Worship who the lucky children are.

We talk about why the children think they have been selected, what they have enjoyed over the week and what they are looking forward to over the weekend and week ahead.  


Attendance at William de Yaxley Academy is taken very seriously and good attendance is encouraged for all pupils.  Each half term we reward all pupils who have attended school 100% with recognition in our end of term celebration assembly. The children are presented with certificates and awarded additional smiley stickers.

We also recognise those children who have had good attendance overall, but who have had to have an authorised absence. We reward attendance of 98% or above.  These children receive recognition in the end of term celebration assembly and also receive a smiley sticker to add to their collection towards their Bronze, Silver or Gold Smiley Award.

At the end of each year we further recognise those children who have achieved a 100% attendance record for the whole year. This is recognised in our end of year celebration assembly, where the children who have achieved this are presented with a certificate and a voucher to spend on whatever they choose.

We also recognise and celebrate those 'near misses" of 98% plus, and present certificates to these children too.


Handwriting awards are given to pupils who have made huge improvements in their handwriting and continue to show a high standard of writing across all subjects. The head boy and head girl of the Academy work together with teachers to pick people in the classes who have made the biggest improvements. Once they have agreed on who deserves the award, the pupil is awarded with a handwriting certifiate in our schools celebration assembly.