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A simple uniform is helpful in establishing good standards of appearance in school and by wearing it, children quickly feel part of the community.  Sweatshirts, cardigans, polo shirts, PE t-shirts and shorts can all be purchased via our school uniform shop here.  Please ensure all clothing has your child’s name written on it somewhere so that it can be returned if misplaced.  Clothing recommended should be in the basic school colours of bottle green, white or charcoal grey.  This should comprise of:
• Tailored trousers or skirt (no ‘ra ra’ skirts)
• Shirt, blouse, polo shirt
• School sweatshirt, jumper, cardigan
• Sensible black shoes
Girls’ shoes should be an appropriate height.  If heels are too high, there is a danger to health and safety.  Such shoes are discouraged, and if they are considered dangerous then parents would be informed and advised accordingly.
Summer clothing
For boys, white polo shirt or shirt with trousers or tailored shorts.  For girls, white polo shirt, shirt or blouse with grey skirt, trousers or tailored shorts (not ‘short’ shorts of ‘hot pants’ etc), or green and white checked dresses.  Sandals of a non-garish colour are also acceptable for the summer.
Clothing for P.E.
Plain white t-shirts, bottle green shorts and plimsolls for indoor use.  Trainers are not permitted for use on apparatus for safety reasons, but should be work for outdoor activities.
Clothing recommended for swimming
Costume, towel and swimming cap.  Verrucae socks may be worn if desired, goggles are not usually necessary.
Clothing for outdoor games
For football, children will need football boots, a plain t-shirts and green shorts.  During cold weather a track suit or similar may be brought to school and used as necessary.  For other outdoor sports, children will need green shorts, plain white t-shirt and trainers.
Children should not wear jewellery in school, including dental jewellery.  If however, they have their ears pierced, then plain studs are permissible, but they must be removed by the child for P.E., games and swimming.  Please provide a suitable container for this purpose.